Making The Most of Quarantine

Hello, friend. I hope you are healthy and well. Never in my life, did I imagine this was ever a post I'd have to write. The last few weeks have been trying for many, and I understand there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the entire Covid-19 situation the world is facing.

It's important now more than ever to remain positive and mindful. As we come together by social distancing and quarantining ourselves, we may find ourselves going a little stir crazy and stressing out. Being stressed is no good when we're trying to keep our immune system top notch.

So, a great way to reduce stress is to keep ourselves busy and our mind off everything that's going on. Below are some ways I’m trying to make the most out of this situation. Please feel free to share below in the comments any other things you’re doing to pass time and ride this out!



One of my philosophies has always been, start with what you have and start now. With all this new found free time, it's hard to made excuses why you can't start doing what you've always wanted to do.

On top of finally starting, it's a great way to keep your mind off of the current world issues. Keeping your mind occupied during these times are crucial to reducing stress and staying healthy.

Instead of looking at what's going on as an inconvenience, look at it as an opportunity. Start learning that instrument you've always wanted to learn how to play. Start writing that book that's in your head. Throw your running shoes on and get a jump on becoming that runner you've always wanted to be.

There's an ample amount of information out there on the internet. Use this time as an opportunity to start being the person you've always wanted to become and grow.


In addition to finally starting, there's never been a better time to practice new habits. Some studies have shown that new habits can form after a few weeks of continuous repetitions. So, as it seems most of us will be quarantined for a 2-4 weeks, again use this opportunity to change your life.

Some great habits to pick up during this time could be: 

  • Practicing daily meditation
  • Creating a new sleeping schedule
  • Exercising daily
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Practice Time-Blocking
  • Get into a morning routine



I don't think I'm alone when I say this entire Covid-19 situation has made me entirely rethink my finances. Anyone else feel like that the suggested $1,000 emergency fund was a little under-estimated?

There's a lot I'm realizing I can live either without or with less of. As much as I'm missing going out to restaurants rants and the movies, I'm realizing that I can scale back how often I spend my money at these places. (Starbucks anyone??)



If you haven't done so yet, spring cleaning has come a little earlier for me this year. Take your mind off everything going on in the world and focus your energy into cleaning, organizing, and simplifying your space.

Personally, I feel so much less stress when the space around me is neat and tidy. I've already re-organized and decluttered my entire office and computer desktop.  



I'm sure for many, the last few weeks has put a lot into perspective for people. For me personally, I'm missing a lot of things I took for granted. Little things like going out with friends to dinner, or even the ability to go catch a movie in the cinema. 

Everyday, it's important to practice gratitude, but it's important more than ever to be thankful for everything we have. We may not be able to see our friends and family in person, but we live in a time where we are afforded the technology to see, talk, and even play games with them through our phones and computers.

In these hard times, it's a great opportunity to reach out to friends and family members to check in on them. Everyone is being affected by this crisis in one way or another, and it’s more important now than ever to be there for one another. We are all in this together!



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