5 Ways You Can Start Living Your Best Year Right Now!


Take some time to think back on this past year. Think about everything you wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year. What were some goals you had set for yourself? Did you achieve any of them? Why or why not? Are you any happier now than you were in January?

If you find that this past year didn't go as planned, dig deep to understand why. Reflecting helps to give us insight on why things might now have gone as planned so we can then take what we've learned and apply those lessons to give us a better probability of succeeding.


Let's call is "2020 Vision".  I like to remind myself of what I'm working towards. Whether it be finances, traveling, large purchases, or running a marathon, having a curated montage or what I want my year to look like helps motivate me and get me psyched to wake up and get to work!

Even better, create a vision board for the next 3-5 years! Where do you want to be 5 years from now? Answering that question will even help to show you what your priorities and goals should be.


Are you aware of your priorities? Sometimes we become so content with our daily lives that we are completely unaware of what our priorities are. What's important to you dictates and guides how you live each day of your life. That's why it's critical to reflect and understand if you're spending your time on things that matter or things that don't.


With your priorities as guidance, start setting your goals! Make sure that each goal is measurable so you can track your progress. For example, if your priority for 2020 is on your health and fitness, one goal might be to eat healthier. But eating healthier is not measurable until we make it measurable. Perhaps eating healthier requires cooking at 4-5 healthy meals per week. Below are some examples of how you can turn some of your goals into achievable results.

Eating healthy -> Cooking 5 meals per week

Read More -> Read 2 books per month

Start Running -> Run 5 miles per week



Now that you know what you'd like to accomplish in 2020, it's time to come up with a game plan! As mentioned above, it's important to give your goals a deadline so you have an added layer of accountability and an easier way to track them!

So grab your calendar and start setting dates! Make sure your deadlines are realistic and that you're not going to stress yourself out by rushing to hit those dates! Once you have your deadlines set, make an individual list for each one of your goals and brainstorm all the little tasks you must do to accomplish each goal. Go a step further and set deadlines for those tasks! It will help to keep you on track.

Remember, life is fluid and never goes as expected. Learn to roll with the punches and adapt to changes along the way. It's all about making progress, and ensuring each day is a little better than the last!

Below I've included examples of goals I've set for myself and how I've planned them! Happy planning, friends!

 Goal: Run 2,020 miles in 2020!


In 2020 I will continue to make my health and fitness a priority. I successfully hit my goal of running 1200 miles in 2019, and I want to continue that trend by increasing my monthly mileage so I can hit 2,020 next year. In addition, increasing my running volume should help me to achieve my 2020 goal of running a sub 3-Hour marathon.


Running 2,020 miles in a single year will require I run an average of 168 miles per month. At my current monthly of 140 miles per month, I need to gradually increase my weekly mileage to an additional 7-9 miles per week.


  • Buy fresh runnings shoes - (Every 300-400 miles)

  • Create new running schedule with additional mileage build-up - January 1

  • Coordinate running schedule will races

Goal: Travel to Europe before years end


I haven’t been out of the country in FOREVER and it’s time I do some traveling!


I need to find dates where I’m free for 7-10 days. I need some time to save up and put money aside, so it’d be best to price and figure out details sooner in the year. Possibly research packaged travel in order to have a better sense of budget.


  • Renew Passport - February 1

  • Block off dates - February 1

  • Choose destinations - March 1

  • Research airfare, hotel, and transportation - March 1

  • Calculate total trip cost - March 15

  • Save or put money aside - April 1

  • Book Trip - April 1

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